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2003-05-17 - 7:11 p.m.

'it's ring madness up in here'

explodingdog:: because his stuff is amazing and "Has It Been One Year Already" gets me every time.

filmmakers:: because every aspiring screenwriter-slash-director has got to have a dream, right?

i-miss-you:: because damn if i don't feel wrecked by the empty places she left when she went away.

jerri-blank:: because my monster crush on flatpoint's friendly art teacher geoffrey jellineck is taking over my life. and i like that. oh yeah.

nada surf:: because these pretty boys rock my little world something so fierce.

nebraska:: because no matter how much we may fight it, part of who we are now is where we came from way back when.

penis-envy:: because if i had one, i'd call it 'my cock' and i'd play nice with it. oh yeah.

petepete:: because 'the adventures of pete and pete' is just fantastic. and because i heart michael maronna so so much.

placebo:: because placebo and nada surf are neck-and-neck in my pretty little fan-girl world. and because they are truly brilliant. i couldn't love them more if i tried.

ramblings:: because it's not only what i do, it's most probably what i do best.

raped:: because sometimes the things we think can't possibly happen to us actually do.

savethewm3:: because some things are worth getting all worked up about. And freeing the West Memphis Three is one of those things.

scorpio:: because sometimes being a scorpio makes me one sassy little bitch.

screenwriter:: because my current screenwriting project is kicking my ass something fierce.

simpsons:: because real life should be so simple and fantastic as the most complicated episode of the simpsons.

slash:: because damn it, i'm probably a pervert. and i'm probably proud of it.

tankgirl:: because she's hotter than i could ever be. and way more confident.

tongue-ring:: because i've had my tongue pierced for so long that without it i fear that my teeth would be so lonely.

unrequited:: because i probably love him more than i should all things considered.

view-askew:: because kevin smith is the john hughes of my generation. and fuck if that doesn't make me a little proud.

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